Wonderful Evening

Last night was probably one of the best evenings I’ve ever experienced.

Megan and I have been officially dating for just over a month, and yesterday she me at my workplace at 5:45. Since I work in the heart of downtown Greenville, we walked down to Falls Park and spent a few hours in the park walking around, swinging, watching people accidentally throw a frisbee into the river twice, and singing songs from Les Miserables.

As night encroached we climbed out of the park. I say climbed, because the entrance to the park is at street level and several paths take you further into a small valley until you reach the river base which is probably 100-200 feet higher in elevation. I showed her other pretty sections of the town and we had a wonderful kiss at the top of a waterfall that made her feel like she was back in Paris. We eventually found ourselves at Blue Ridge Brewing Company for dinner where she ordered the fish and chips and I ordered the Hunter’s Pie, which is a shepard’s pie with buffalo, duck, and rabbitt in a bechamel sauce. It was tasty, and she very much enjoyed her two foot-long planks of fish after she liberally doused them with Malt Vinegar. I had a high gravity stout with the meal and she had a hard cider.

Afterward, we walked back to my workplace and sat on a bench outside talking for an hour. There was a bit of kissing, and then we each went our separate ways.

Nothing fancy, but a wonderful evening.

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