Whirlwind Weekend

They go by so quickly, don’t they?

On Friday after work, my friend Teresa came by and we drank copious amounts of rum and some awful blackberry wine she bought. I bought lots of fruit and made some cracked out pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris in my uber-blender. We started the dvd of Sin City(she had never seen it) but only got halfway through it when I paused to get more drinks and we ended up with stereo typical drunken conversation. She slept on my couch and the next morning I made a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs and we finished Sin City. She was my first official houseguest.

On Saturday I pretty much just did stuff around the house and lazed about. I finally setup the wireless keyboard and mouse I bought a few weeks ago, and it is so much better than my laptop keyboard. I originally bought it to use in the living room when I connect my computer to the projector, but now I think I will use it on my desk at home as well. It keeps the monitor 10″ or so further back than I’m used to, but the typing position is much more comfortable. I got a great deal on the keyboard/mouse combo as well. It’s the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 which Staples had on sale for $15 as a doorbuster a few weeks ago. Of course they sold out in hours, but I took the flyer to Office Depot and pricematched it for $15 and they’re also having a $15 mail-in-rebate on this item so I essentially got an $80 keyboard/mouse for free. Go Dave!

On Saturday night I also watched True Romance, which I can’t believe I haven’t seen before now. It’s incredible how many people that Tony Scott got for this Tarantino penned script. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, but you’ll also see Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis! It’s cheesy as hell but as Nigel Tunney would say this one goes to 11.

Sunday had a bit more going on. I picked up my friend Linda and took her to a friend of her’s house to meet a few of her gamer friends and test out the rules for the Firefly LARP she’s running in April. I’ve volunteered to be an NPC, I’ll be the bartender at the local house of ill repute. I’m not a big fan of LARPs, but she’s putting a lot on the line to make this happen and I want to be a good friend and help however I can.

After that I met up with my friend Anna, picked her up(hmm, I’m seeing a trend there) and we went to Falls Park for the Irish Festival. Of course, by this point the Irish festival was really over and they were packing up everything. She bought a nice cheap pair of fake emerald earrings and we walked around the park for a while. She then wanted to go to a coffeeshop she heard about, but they were closed. Then she kind of retreated into herself and asked me to drive her home. After that I came home and watched the dvd of Once I borrowed from her. Wow, what a beautiful film. I am currently downloading the soundtrack(legally, from emusic) and will be acquiring the dvd shortly.

Not the best weekend in the world, but far from the worst.

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