So Exhausted….

So in addition to moving into the new house all last weekend and working my regular forty hours, I’m playing in the pit orchestra for a musical at the Fountain Inn Civic Center. The musical is Funny Girl, which premiered in the 70’s and is what made Barbara Streisand a star. It’s a pretty good show with decent comedy and good music. Notable songs include People (who need People are the luckiest people…), You are Woman, and Don’t Rain on my Parade.

I’m having a lot of fun with two exceptions:

1. Since I’ve only recently begun playing trombone again (about two months ago) I have very little endurance and at first I could only play around 45 minutes before my lips were sore as well as my left hand (from holding up the horn). Last night our rehearsal was 4.5 hours. My arm and lips seem to have grown used to it, but I’m completely exhausted when we get out of rehearsal that I just go home, check email/Facebook, and go to bed.

2. Last night started out great but fell apart in the second act. Just about everybody missed a cue or came in on a wrong note. I think it was because we’re all so tired. I think tonight (the dress rehearsal) will go much smoother.

The show over on Sunday though, so I can take a break after that. I’m looking forward to the cast party the city is throwing for us tomorrow night. It’s great to be on (under) stage again!

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