I am available to hire on a freelance basis for the following services:

Content Blogging – I can research and write posts to inform your readers about your products and services that optimize your SEO and reinforce your branding. I have years of experience in interviewing subject matter experts and demystifying complex technical concepts for a general audience.

Copywriting – My style is a little different from your average vanilla mom’n’pop copy. Mine is more like a fusion restaurant with General Tso’s hot wings – familiar and comforting but with a unique twist and a little bit spicy.

Ghostwriting – I’ve written tons of guest posts for CEOs of SaaS companies who know the value of lending their name and their tone to guest posts on related blogs but don’t have the time to write each post on their own. I’m happy to craft your words and let you take the credit.

Curated Content Collections – I spent two years at Lifehacker finding the best personal and professional hacks from around the internet and introducing the authors to the millions of Lifehacker readers. The right way to do curated content is to give the reader enough of a taste of what’s interesting that they immediately follow the attribution link back to the source material. When done correctly it’s good for everyone.

Product and App Documentation – Much of my time as a technical writer in the telecom industry was spent in crafting internal process and procedures documentation during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase of product implementation.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Productivity Philosophies and Techniques
  • Wireline and Wireless Telecommunications
  • Apple hardware and software products
  • Social media marketing and branding
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) culture and distributed company best practices

Areas of Passion (my rates are much lower for these subjects):

  • Western history, especially Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period
  • Coffee and tea history, techniques, and varieties
  • Craft beer, bourbon, scotch, and rum
  • Philosophy and modernity, comparative religion, and Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Tabletop Boardgames, card games, and roleplaying games (RPGs)
  • Fountain Pens, Safety razors, tobacco pipes, custom pocketknives, fine notebooks and other analogue everyday carry (EDC) items
  • Speculative literature