Scored an Xbox 360

Monday morning at work one of our programmers listed an Xbox 360 for sale. The 20gb hard drive version with 3 games(Halo 3, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and Tony Hawk Project 8) and several accessories (charge & play, media remote control, messenger bag carry case, chatpad and headset) for $325.

I’ve been trying to decide if should get an Xbox or a decent dining room set with my economic stimulus payment, but this made the decision for me. Less that five seconds after the for sale email was sent I sent a short email saying “I’ll take it”. It was a good thing I didn’t take a minute to think it over; three more offers came through in the next five seconds, just after mine.

I haven’t had a chance to play much yet, just a bit of Halo 3, but I can’t wait to get GTA4 and start exploring Liberty City. I’ll probably do that Saturday night after the D&D Meetup.

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