Rock Band Endless Tour

Today after work I got together with Jacob and Andy at my old place and we played the Endless Tour on Rock Band. Basically, it is a concert where you play every song you have installed for Rock Band, one after the other. It was a total of 58 songs and took from 5:30pm to 12:35am, with a one hour break for dinner(mmm…Mexican).

We started with both guitars on hard and vocals on medium and passed whatever we were playing clockwise every three songs. It was a lot of fun, but not something I’d want to do terribly often.

Also, is coming along nicely. I put up some basic banners, and we’re getting more users and more posts. I’m going to order some “free” business cards from with the site to leave at game shops and other geek natural habitats.

One thought on “Rock Band Endless Tour

  1. TOPolk says:

    Rock Band is all sorts of awesome. While I love the drums, I’m quite partial to singing (even though I’m tone def). Also, the inclusion of songs from the crew at Harmonix puts Rock Band slightly above Guitar Hero in my eyes. “Brainpower” is way more fun than it needs to be.

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