Ready 2 Roll

I just got home from a company event at a rollerskating rink. Seriously.

It was actually kind of fun. I didn’t strap on rollerskate, though, as I brought my projector and played Rock Band for three hours. We had a pretty nice setup with a white sheet used as a screen(fancy, no?), and a receiver and tower speakers from the 80s that cranked out enough decibels to drown out “Ice Ice Baby” “The Chicken Dance”, and other roller-skating classics.

I’ve been at EP for nearly a year now and this is the first offsite gathering I’ve attended. It was kind of nice to see a different side of some of my coworkers.

I had two highlights of the evening. First, a 14 year old challenged me to a guitar duel(we were both on Expert) and I trounced him. It seems like that age group routinely stomps the 25-35 age range so it was good to draw a little blood for the “starting to get old” guys. The second was when one of the popular ad execs referred to me as “the cool guy in accounting.” Really, what can I do to top that? Maybe be the white guy in Harlem or the fat guy at an anorexia support group?

I like most of my coworkers in the accounting department, but they can be kind of bland. But I find everyone interesting, so it’s not a problem for me.

Here’s the flyer one of our graphic designers made for the event:

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