Prodigal Dave

To follow up from my last post I went to church for the first time in three years.

It was awkward, but less awkward than I had anticipated. As expected, I was immediately pulled over into the choir.

I’ll most likely go back for Pascha(Orthodox Easter) on the 26th. That should be interesting. It’s a service that starts at 11:30pm completely in the dark, then a candle is lit in the altar and the flame is passed through candles held by every person and there is a procession around the building three times while singing. After that all of the blood red vestments, curtains, etc have been changed into snowy white and there is a service with some of my favorite music. The service ends at around 3am and there is feasting until dawn with lots of meat(usually a roast lamb) and drink(beer, shots, etc). The next morning at noon is a very short service and then everyone goes over to a party at someone’s house with more meat and booze. It’s usually a pretty good time.

So, no immediate self-realization of where I should be in life, but it feels good to reconnect with the people I’ve spent so much of my life with for the past ten years.

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