Preface to the Projector

Last Monday I hung with a friend who proceeded to really piss me off. She called me at work at 4:30 wanting to drop by where I work and then go hang out. I was fine with that and gave her the dime tour of EP. We wound up at Coffee Underground where she kept talking about how she needed to make friends and spend time with people. After about an hour, she then decided to leave me and go hang out with some random people from a group who were going bowling.

Maybe I’m being oversensitive, but when someone interrupts your day to want to hang out, proceeds to spend an hour talking about she doesn’t have any friends her age(I’m only 1.5 years older than she), and then leaves you behind to go bowling with strangers just seems like a shitty way of treating a friend. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but in the conversation we had at CU I started to talk about some of the stuff from my past and I wanted to go into it a little, since she had an hour or so to talk about what was bugging her.

She’s really funny and I like hanging out with her, but it feels like a one-sided friendship. I think she thinks I have a crush on her so she doesn’t want to spend too much time with me. I could see wanting to go out with her in a few years once I get a few things together, but I really don’t have any interest in anyone at the moment. I have been known to get flirty, so maybe she misinterpreted a signal or two?

Oh well. I’m just upset enough after this to not be proactive for a while. If she calls me and wants to do something, fine, but I’m not going to contact her for the next few weeks. I feel like my friendship has been taken for granted, and to be quite honest I have a lot of friends who want to spend time with me, I don’t need to be anyone’s doormat.

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