My Name is Waaay Too Common

I just created a MySpace page for (I know I know, MySpace sucks, but I want to build up some traffic for the site) I searched for my MySpace profile to send a friend request so that UG would have a friend listed, and I had to go through 5 pages of David Galloways before I found me! There were 12 pages of DGs total!

I’m seriously thinking about changing my name. I went to high school with two other David Galloways, but fortunately they were freshman when I was a senior so that wasn’t too bad. In fact, when one of them was sent home early, I’d get the note since everyone knew me. And there is another David Galloway at my company of less than 200 people. We constantly have emails, calls, and mail sent to the wrong person.

I could go by my middle name, but that is Elias and one of my best friends is named Elias so that won’t work. Incidentally, Elias’ middle name is David. Go figure.

Anyway, I’m thinking of perhaps taking on another name. Haven’t thought of exactly what yet, but there are a few that are rattling through my head, mostly Celtic and/or Norse names.

If the three people who occasionally read my blog happen upon this post, I’d appreciate any constructive criticism on if I should do this. Need input!

6 thoughts on “My Name is Waaay Too Common

  1. Iaidragon says:

    Exactly how common do you think the name Andy/Andrew Rogers is…? :pI’ve heard that changing your name can be a major pain. If you go forward with it, though, I think you should maintain the “D” persona. Possibilities include:DagDanbyDesmondDevlinDiarmadDuncan => my favorite, I thinkDustin

  2. David E. Galloway says:

    I think what would happen would be for me to drop the middle name elias and have my name be David (something) Galloway or vice versa. That way for work and other applications I can have something much less common, but otherwise go by David most of the time. Kind of how Elias goes by Elias, Elijah, David, and Isaac.

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