My Beautiful Girlfriend Lisa

For my first topical entry on this blog, I wanted to introduce my girlfriend Lisa. Blog….Lisa, Lisa…Blog.

We just celebrated our six month anniversary last week, and I’m damned lucky she puts up with me. I met her at a local game meetup here in Greenville. Shortly thereafter I started a D&D Campaign with several people from the Meetup message boards. Lisa was one of the first people who showed interest in the game, and at first I only saw her at the monthly Meetup and at my biweekly game.

After a few weeks I remember calling her to ask something about the game and we spent an hour or so chatting. It was a friday night and I didn’t have plans, so we wound up meeting at India Palace and had a great, but short, meal and conversation. Short because I got a call from my roomate that his brother and my friend Elias had an accident while mountain biking and was in the local emergency room. So we had to cut the night short so I could go and spend the next 10 hours at the hospital(Elias was eventually fine, he had a pretty bad concussion where he would ask the same questions every few minutes, but steadily improved over a day or so).

A few nights later, Lisa called and asked if I wanted to go to a Rascal Flats concert. My primary and secondary reactions were 1. Awesome and 2. Who the hell is Rascal Flats? I agreed and spent some time on Google and found out they are a country boy band that is popular with mostly women. I kind of regretted saying I would go now, but I wanted to spend some time with Lisa, and I’m always up for a new experience. The concert wasn’t that great; the venue was horrible (Bi-Lo Center I hate you and your seats made for 90lb stick figures; seriously, my knees were in the back of the guy in the row ahead of me, I had knees in my back, and I had to maintain constant vigilance not to accidentally kick or bump the drunk twentysomething couple next to us.), and I remain unconverted to the pied pipings of Rascal Flats. But it wasn’t a total loss; because of the cramped seating, I pretty much had to keep my arm around Lisa all night and one of the opening bands was fun in a drunk honkey-tonk sort of way.

At this point, I wasn’t completely sure if we had gone on a date or a pseudodate. I called her a couple of days later, she wanted to grab some food, and I asked with forced nonchalance “So, are we dating now?”

Pause. “Umm…do you want to be dating?”

Short pause. “That sounds good.”



Hey, it’s not one for history books, but it worked for me. I’ve had a great time getting to know her in the past six months and hopefully she won’t get tired of me anytime soon. Here are some of the dates we’ve had so far:

The homemade french food date (I made Coq au Vin, sauteed asparagus, saffron rice, with a nice Bordeaux)
The St. Patrick’s Day Date (she made me corned beef and cabbage and proceeded to drive us to Dougal McGuire’s Irish Pub for fun in the conventional Irish sense)
The first bad movie date (Ultraviolet, avoid at all cost)
The first good movie date (V for Vendetta, probably my favorite movie this year as of yet)
The chick flick I actually kind of enjoyed date (Failure to Launch, it’s not gold but Zooey Deschanel is always funny)
The Rennaissance Faire date (Of course we went with three other friends, hell of a time, though)
The Great Concert Date (Great Big Sea)

And others I can’t remember at the moment. Looking forward to more memorable dates in the near future.

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