Mostly Moved in…Mostly.

I’ve been in my new apartment for two weeks or so now, and it’s starting to feel like home. I moved all the big stuff that wouldn’t fit in my car over the first weekend, and have been slowly transitioning my books, kitchen stuff, and other crap that I haven’t organized since who knows when.

Technically, I’m still renting the old place until June, when the lease is up. A little over a month ago I was going crazy with the need for personal space. I’ve shared a 1000sq ft 2bd/2ba townhome with Jacob for nearly three years now, and at first it was great since we had different schedules and hardly saw each other. Over a couple of years those little roommate quirks that grow into full-fledged annoyances started to bloom like weeds in a flower patch. It also didn’t help that Elias was over from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening just about every week. The place was full of smoke from the two of them, and I needed my own sanctuary.

The last week of January, I was jonesing to move out and occupying myself with browsing apartment listings on Craigslist, when I found a place that sounded perfect for me. 1bd/1ba apartment built into the lower floor of a log cabin 20 min outside of Greenville. It’s only 650sq ft, but the layout makes it seem huge for just me, and the fittings and fixtures are much better than anywhere I’ve rented before. I even have a garden bed to try and grow a few herbs and veggies. The best part; it’s only $450 a month, utilities included.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, so, long story short, I took it and made a deal with Jacob where I would pay $200 (half of our current rent is $272.50 per month) for the four months left on the lease and move out now. Spending an extra $800 sucks, but I made the right decision for me.

I’ll post a few photos once I get things a bit more setup (with actual books on my bookshelves and rooms without boxes everywhere).

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