More Back at Work Stuff

Again, I was terribly pleased to get back to work on Thursday, but I’m glad I only had a two day work week as I’m still not 100% and my leg would get stiff in the last few hours of the day while at my desk.

I came back to 348 emails. 50-80 were intercompany chit-chat as EP is a pretty casual company and you’ll routinely get company-wide emails from people selling their houses, showing photos of a stray dog they’re trying to get rid of, or selling tickets to a show or game. The rest were things I had to attend to, and I took care of the mission-critical stuff before lunch that day.

We had two new additions to my department in the three weeks I was away. One was an accounting manager who may become my supervisor over the next several months. He seems like a nice, quiet guy, and I’m estimating that he’s 3-4 years younger than I am. I think I’ll get along with him with no problem. The other new employee is a 20 hr/week temp to help out the billers that I haven’t even said hello to yet. I didn’t mean to be rude, but I had a lot of work to catch up.

I also missed the (yearly?) drug test while in the hospital. I’m glad about that, not because it would have been a problem (Two half-joints in 1998 were my only illicit experiments), but I am kind of opposed to mandatory drug testing. If someone seems to be on something at work, or is showing evidence that they might have a problem great, test that person, but I don’t think companies have any right to intrude on their employees in this manner if there’s no job related problem. I guess I’m leaning more libertarian in my old age.

Anyway, once again it’s good to be back in the saddle at EP. It’s not my ideal method of employment, but I’m pretty damn happy with my coworkers, my usual tasks, and the company in general, and I earn a very fair salary with great benefits. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon and I hope the feeling is mutual.

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