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Okay, I’m running a week or so behind in my blogging, but I guess it could be worse. Last Tuesday, I had dinner with Megan’s family, meeting her parents and her son.

At first, her parents were pretty reserved, but her mom seemed to warm up to me after a few minutes whereas her father less so. As the evening progressed, we cleared away our dinner plates to converse on the screened-in porch. The conversation steered toward movies and sports, and he opened up to me a bit.

Megan’s father you can tell is a very steadfast man, someone you respect almost immediately after meeting and wish to earn his respect in return. Her mom is a warm and open caregiver, and you can see most of Megan’s best qualities in both of them. I met her sister again; we’ve briefly met at Dragon*Con and at a movie gathering, but I’ve never really talked with her. She’s nice, but very quiet around me as I’m an unknown at this point. I think she’ll open up more as she gets to know me.

I had briefly met Megan’s 5-year-old son Josh before Megan and I started dating, but this was my first time meeting him as “Mommy’s special friend”. Megan and I decided that we would wait until we were sure we’re going to work out before introducing me into his life, and now that we’re starting to make long-term plans, I’m overjoyed at finally getting to spend some time with him.

He’s a sweet kid, very loving, and he was enthralled with his new Iron Man costume. As I pulled my car into the driveway, he ran out, grabbed my hand, and led me into the house. Megan tells me he can be a holy terror at times, but what five-year-old isn’t? I look forward to getting to know him over the coming months.

Oh, dinner was fabulous. Megan’s sister Jessica made a roast beef that was perfect; a bit more than medium rare, but less than medium well. I prefer my steak to be more rare, but for the roast it worked out well. Accompanying the roast were mashed potatoes, green peas, and corn. After the meal, we sat out on the porch and talked as the sun went down.

I made a couple of wrong turns in the subdivision, so it took a bit longer to get home. When I arrived home, I called Megan to ask how it went. Her dad told her that I was extremely nice, and that he approved. They must have liked me at least a bit as I’ve been invited over for Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to it, and will be much less nervous than I was at this meal.

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  1. Pher says:

    Jessica is a sweet girl, but any sister is going to be overshadowed by someone like Karly. 🙂 Josh is like any other 5 yr old, except that his “on” periods are longer than most kids. Speaking of, we need to have them over again, wear out all the kids.

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