Man, I’m a lousy blogger…

Well, I have twenty minutes left in my lunch hour so I will force myself to update.

1. Dragon*Con – it was fun, but I think three years of the Con may be enough for me. Of course Megan and I became involved there, and it’s a big deal to her, so I have no doubts I’ll be there next year. I’d like to try GenCon sometime.

2. Megan – Since most of the three people who read this blog are also on UG and/or Facebook I feel like I’ve gone over all this already. I have a new girlfriend, We’ve been seeing each other since Friday, August 29th at Dragon*Con. So far everything is going wonderfully well. Megan turns 25 next month; she is an artist, lives in Anderson, and has a 5 year-old autistic child. While she is most certainly a geek, she’s not a gamer(other than participating in the Serenity LARP), but she’s open to trying out board games, so there’s hope for that. So far we’re a really good match and I look forward to seeing what the next few months bring.

3. October – is quickly approaching and may threaten to be my busiest month of 2008. We have plans for the Renaissance Faire, UG Campout in NC, Sushi Dinner, Halloween Party, and my company picnic in addition to all the normal weekday stuff like boardgame night, my D&D game, book club, church, etc. I am sad that I have so little time to read or pursue other interests, but I am doing a lot of fun things so I can’t complain too much.

4. I’m becoming more worried about our national economy and I’m resolving to spend less and build up my savings again should I lose my job or other disasters strike.

5. After a couple of years of no contact with anyone, and old friend is responding to some of the comments I make on his blog. This is wonderful and I hope someday I can see him again. He has a very hard life right now, and I wish I could do more to help.

So, that’s my 20 minute update. Back to work!

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