Looks Like We Have a House….

We found a house we liked very much in Fountain Inn on Monday evening. We went back at 7am on Tuesday to see it in daylight, and decided to put in an offer. Since the house was a foreclosure where the asking price is radically lower than the average sales price in the neighborhood, we offered X for the house where X is the list price plus 3% closing costs.

I got the call yesterday that the offer was accepted. I’m depositing the earnest money check into an escrow account today, and should have a signed contract by the end of the day. I’m very excited.

The house itself is a 3bd/2ba with a two-car garage. It’s a 2.5 year old house in a development. I really wish it were not in a development, but since this is a 5-7 year “investment” house and not our permanent home it’ll be fine for that timeframe. Once we have the signed contract, I’ll put up some photos.

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