Kind of dusty in here.

Holy crap it’s been ten months since I’ve posted here!

Of course, I’d had a lot of projects in that time, and most of the stuff I’d post here usually goes on Facebook now, but still, it’s a bit disconcerting.

For mostly my own record, here’s a list of major events in these past ten months:

1. I got married (yay!)
2. I went back to college almost full-time in addition to my job at EP.
3. I started a couple of websites that promptly died.
4. Finally jumped on the Linux bandwagon. Next up, the iPad bandwagon, coming next year. Maybe.
5. Megan and I took control of our finances and we’re not hemoraging money nearly as much as before. Our non-mortgage debt is right at the 10k mark and we should be able to wipe that out in 2 years by the trusty debt snowball.

Not too shabby, but still lots of room for improvement.

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