iOS Quick Tip: Activate Low-Light mode with a triple-click of the home button

I just found a great YouTube tip on how to add an easy shortcut to get into low-light mode. This gives you the ability to change your screen brightness much lower than you can in standard brightness settings.

You basically need to go to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn on Zoom. Triple-tap the screen with three fingers to open zoom and enable low-light mode. Then navigate to the bottom of Accessibility options and select Accessibility Shortcut and choose zoom. This will turn on/off the low-light mode whenever you triple-tap the home button.

It’s way easier just to follow the video.

This is a pretty neat trick that I’ll use when reading in bed at night so my wife doesn’t complain about the light level even at the lowest standard brightness setting.

H/T to Medium for the animated GIF.

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