Housing Woes…

Nearly a month since my last post!

Megan and I are looking for a house, which due to our desires and budget shouldn’t be *that* difficult, but we’re both good at finding reasons to pass on houses that would please most. Our budget is $75-110,000 and we’re looking for a 3bd/2ba house on .5 acres within a half hour commute of downtown Greenville. Currently there lots of houses that meet that requirement (and *many* more if you remove the .5 acre) but we’ve found reasons to not like many of them.

This is the house we were initially in love with, a 2bd/1ba brick ranch on 1.5 acres in Piedmont, but we had a long discussion and decided that we needed a 3bd/2ba in case our family grows, so we had to bid this house adieu.

This is a really nice brand new house in a redevelopment area, but the schools aren’t good and the lots are best measured with a yardstick.

Another was in a horrible neighborhood, while yet another needed too much work.

We thought we had found the one when we saw this house near Laurens Rd. & I-85. We liked it a lot when we were there, but after we left I began to have second thoughts. Sure it has .5 acres of land, but almost all of that land is on a high grade slope that would make it difficult for Josh to play in, not to mention mowing the lawn. Also, it had a fenced back yard, but it wasn’t a privacy fence and our dog Kobi can get over the fence that is currently there.

So back to the drawing board. My lease in my current apartment is up at the end of this next week. I’ve been moving my belongings into a storage unit, and I’ll be staying with my folks for a month or two until we find a house and close. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

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