House Update

I guess I should give all four of you an update.

We’ve taken possession of the house. It’s not painted yet. We’ll probably do that on Saturday. Tentatively I plan on moving in the Saturday after that.

One of the drawbacks of the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit is that you cannot efile with that form until March 30th, so I won’t be getting the refund back until around April 15th. So that will delay the housewarming party as I won’t have most major appliances or a dining room set until after we receive the refund.

5 thoughts on “House Update

  1. Jenny says:

    Speaking of someone who has not yet had her housewarming party almost a year later, just take your time and know that friends never expect your home to look perfect! (Or even furnished, here’s to hoping!)I’m thinking of having a yardwarming party. Once I get a fence. Ha!

  2. Eoywin says:

    We never had a housewarming party -and we’ve been in our house for 3 years.I’d love to have a party though – maybe for Emily’s first birthday 😀

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