Home Theater Trifecta Pt 2: Projector

I’ve been researching projectors for the past month or so and after reading lots of reviews, recommendations, etc I had narrowed my list down to two projectors. One was a ceiling mount(Mitsubishi HD1500) and the other was a tabletop(Epson Moviemate 72). They both have 720p HD displays. The Mitsubishi has slightly better specs, but the Epson is an all-in-one system with an upscaling dvd player and four speakers built in. Since I’m starting from scratch, the all-in-one system is a nice choice since I’ll have everything I need to watch a dvd and then upgrade the sound later.

After getting home monday night, I was pretty pissed off(see Preface to the Projector below) and wanted some retail therapy. The Mitsubishi was up from the price I saw it at Best Buy last week, but the Epson was on sale at Circuit City for $999. I did a quick price search online and found that all the reputable internet sites(Amazon, Vanns, etc) didn’t have it any cheaper than $1200. According to the Circuit City website the Woods Crossing store had the Epson in stock. I checked the time: 8:22. Circuit City closes at 9:00 and I’m 12 miles away. No problem. I speed a little more than I should and pull into the parking lot at 8:47(hit every red light once I got into the city proper). The sales guy in the tv dept is watching a basketball game so I had to flag him down. Fifteen minutes later I’m the new owner of an Epson Moviemate 72 projector.

I still haven’t had time to properly calibrate the settings, but it fits my little apartment perfectly. I get around a 100″ display on my dining room wall. The only problem is that the white wall paint is glossy, so there is a bright spot where the light reflects back. I’m planning on getting a bucket of special home theater wall paint, but that stuff is very expensive so it’s not at the top of my list. Sometime in the next few months.

After spending a few days watching a few favorites(first dvd seen on the projector? The Royal Tenenbaums) I’m extremely pleased with my choice. I even took it to the rollerskating work event (see Ready 2 Rock below) and everyone was impressed with the quality of the image.

Part three of the trifecta will be the receiver(probably an Onkyo 605 or Harman Kardon AV 347) but since I spent my budget for the receiver on stuff for the new place I’ll wait a couple of months. That gives me time to check fatwallet.com and deals2buy.com for a great deal.

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