Home Theater Trifecta Pt 1: Speakers

After asking advice on a Home Theater setup on this forum, a guy in the know recommended KEF 1005 5.1 Surround speakers which retail for $300 or so. He also mentioned that Circuit City just put the next step up in that line on clearance for the same price.

That speaker set is the KEF KHT2005, and you can read all about it in this Cnet review. These speakers came out three years ago for $1500, and the electronics industry being what it is they were replaced by virtually the same set with a new badge(KHT3005) 1.5 years later and went down to $1000. If you read the reviews and the specs the speakers are virtually identical except the newer model has a rounded subwoofer.

Anyway, I went to the first of two Circuit City’s(or is it Cities?) in Greenville on my lunch hour today, and they sold out of that set two weeks ago. I then drove to the other CC and luckily enough they had a demo set still available. I listened to them for a few minutes(kickass sound, btw) and asked the sales guy how much for the floor model. Long story short I walked out with $1500 speakers for $199.95 plus $29.95 for a 10 year service/replacement plan. Normally that plan would be $150-200 but it is keyed the price of the speakers. If something blows and they can’t fix it they have to give me a model of equivalent specs, not equivalent price.

So, now I have a set of bad mamma jamma speakers and need an equally 733+ receiver and projector. Stay tuned for that.

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