Great Big Sea concert in Atlanta.

Tuesday night was the GBS concert. Megan and I left work a little early, drove to her house, and left in my car from there to Atlanta.

We miraculously avoided a pretty bad highway accident that stopped everyone else, so for five minutes or so we were the only car on I-85 South between Toccoa and Atlanta. The rest of the drive was straightforward and we arrived a half hour before the show.

Megan had her Nikon 40D camera with her, but the security guard told her that we couldn’t bring in “professional” cameras. So we went back, put the camera in the car and went inside where we met Jacob, Elias, and Jesse. Jesse was in the middle of his week long trip from his home in Milwaukee.

Needless to say, the concert was great. It was my fifth GBS concert and the guys had all seen GBS before, but this was Megan’s first time. Later on she told me it was the best concert she had ever attended. The only bad part was that the venue was a former movie theater, so there were theater seats in the way when everyone wanted to dance around.

Afterward we walked around the neighborhood (Little Five Points) for a bit and ended up at The Vortex.

As you can see from the photo of the entrance, the Vortex is an interesting restaurant. I had the Steakhouse burger with a 1/2 lb medium rare ground sirloin burger, swiss cheese, onions, mushrooms, and steak sauce along with fries and a Nostradamus belgian ale. Well fed, it was now time to say goodbye to the Brothers Kulp and drive home.

I drove half of the way back while Megan slept, and then when I started to drift off she took over and drove us to her house, where I drove home afterward. I got in bed at 3:30am and had to get up at 7:00am for work the next morning.

Speaking of driving, we took my 2006 Scion xB, which was still as-of-yet unnamed. (a crime I know) Since he is black and stealthy I went with Eben, which is a small name for a small car. He seems to be happier now that he has a name to introduce himself to other cars with.

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