Family Night

This is a busy week, but I wanted to try and find a night to hang out with Megan. She does not have a babysitter available on Wednesday evenings, so we decided that I would come over to her house and hang out with her and Josh.

Her parents were leaving as I arrived, and both of them only had enough time to say hello. Then, Megan and I ate the Chinese food she picked up (Beef and Broccoli) while I “played” Battleship with Josh. He’s not quite ready for the full game yet.

We then went into the living room and talked while he watched a few cartoons: Max and (Erma?), Spiderman, and something else. At various times, he came over and sat on the couch with Megan and I and often wanted to climb on my lap. Megan also showed me her scrapbook of her high school trip to France.

Josh is a really sweet kid and I had a wonderful quiet night. I look forward to many more in the future.

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