Digging this Coffee Shop

I’m sitting at Coffee and Crema, a coffee shop in The Fresh Market shopping center here in Greenville.

I can’t commend on the coffee much (except for the great aroma) as I ordered an iced chai. The chai was made with Oregon Chai extract so it’s pretty standard. I needed something cold to drink. It was cool and overcast this morning so I wore a longsleeved tshirt, but now I’m being punished as the sun came out and now everything is hot and dry. 81 degrees according to my toolbar.

This place is pretty nice and has all the standard coffee shop stuff you’d want; free wi-fi, decent music, mood lighting, and local art on the walls. They have a pretty good spot as I can’t think of any other coffee shops between downtown and Haywood/Woodruff Rd. And I think I recognize the barista here from when she previously worked as the barista at Books-A-Million. I’m sure this place is a big improvement, not only in coffee quality, but also in clientele. Books-A-Million always seemed like the WalMart of bookstores to me.

Anyway, go to Coffee and Crema. It’s pretty good. And now I need a refill.

One thought on “Digging this Coffee Shop

  1. Jenny says:

    I like the coffee there but the service is often ambivalent. And don't go there during barista wars, they won't even notice your pitiful little coffee-craving face. 🙂

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