D&D Meetup 4/13/08

Last night I went to the D&D Gamers Meetup for the first time in nine months, and had a great time.

I stopped going a while back because of some disagreements with the guy who was running the group then. He has had to step down because of health issues, and someone else has taken the group over. I’m sorry that the first guy is going through serious health problems as I never had a problem with him personally, but the new guy has really reinvigorated the group.

Anyway, the new organizer was looking for DMs, I sent him an email telling him how I DMed every Meetup for over a year but I stopped going because blah blah blah, and voiced my other concerns. He send a very lengthy sincere email that assuaged my concerns so I agreed to run a game for the group.

When I first walked into The Command Post(the gaming store where the Meetup is held) I was a little worried, as the only gamers there I recognized were people I did not want to have at my table. But cool people filtered in slowly over the next half hour and thankfully the people I didn’t want did not come to my table.

Last night there were 22 people there divided into five gaming groups (I think). I had four at my table. We got off to a late start as two players had to make characters and the other two were an hour late and then left halfway through to get sandwiches for 25 minutes, so we only got halfway through the adventure. The players seemed to have a great time though, and we’re planning on picking it back up next month.

The crazy thing was that the new organizer is giving out all kinds of schwag. In addition to every member of the group getting a membership card that lets you receive a 10% discount on D&D stuff at two gaming stores, all the DMs were given BI-LO gift cards and a set of every Eberron rulebook was given out as a door prize. I don’t know where the organizer is getting his funding, but I hope it continues.

So to sum up, lots of fun. If you’re in the Greenville area and like D&D be sure to come check it out.

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