On occasion when I think about a friend I haven’t seen in years I will search Google to see if I can find out what they’re up to.

Tonight I found a blog of one of my closest friends from high school up until we fell out of contact three or four years ago. I want to email him, but I’m not sure if I should. He has had a lot of bad life experiences down here and moved away after college for a fresh start. I think if I went out of my way to reestablish contact it might bring up some stuff he’s worked past.

It sounds like he’s lonely and confused where he is. I’m pretty confused myself, and though I have lots of friends around I still fall into depressive moods of loneliness that are hard to shake off. But I’ve now had a couple of decades to get through depressive funks and generally only have a day or two a month where I go into self-isolation. I hope he’ll get through the long tunnel he seems to be stuck in and find some comfort. It can’t rain forever.

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