Browncoat Delivery Service

One of the members of the Greenville Browncoats/UG gave birth to her first child this past Friday. Since neither her nor her husband’s family could make it down for the birth, I got several local geeks to pull together and we got a lot of food together for them so that they don’t have to cook with the first couple of weeks with the baby.

We had a slew of donations, including:

A 5lb rare prime rib
Homemade Jambalaya
2 Family-sized lasagnas
Cheese and Broccoli soup
Black Bean Enchilada Casserole
A huge pack of Chicken Pot Pies
Various Snacks
Homemade cookies
Breakfast Bread
Frozen Veggies
Salad Mix

And even a Burt’s Bees gift pack! Thank you so much to all the local geeks who gave generously of their time and money. Mandy was really appreciative, says that she will eat *everything*, and can’t wait to see us at the Christmas party.

I snapped a couple of photos with my camera phone, but will have to wait until later tonight to upload them.

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