Bridal Weekend

Over the weekend two of Megan’s best friends flew in and they spent the weekend together doing wedding stuff. They saw our house, went to the place we’re having the wedding, ate lunch at the restaurant catering the reception, tried on dresses, and then they met us for karaoke at Guadalajara. I was there to view the house and go to lunch. Stacy and Maria are both funny and full of energy and it was great to see Megan perk up when they were around. It’s too bad they live so far away.

We had a funny encounter at Perkins late at night, and luckily Pher was there with his camera. I got home and in bed at 3am or so.

On Sunday I woke up at 5am to meet them for breakfast and drive the girls to the airport. I went to church after that, but had to leave just after the sermon as I was getting a lot of sleep deprivation. I made it home and slept off and on most of the day.

The house inspection is in a couple of hours. Hopefully I won’t find out the house is build over a burial ground. 😉

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