Back to Work!

I had the PICC line removed Wednesday afternoon and I went back to work yesterday.

No pain at all when the home health nurse removed the PICC line. She basically just removed the dressing covering the tube and started pulling it out of my arm slowly. It was around the same diameter as a thick spaghetti noodle, but 26 inches long. The wound will take a day or two to heal and I’m still not supposed to pick up anything heavier than ten pounds with that arm.

It’s kind of strange to say, but I was really excited about going back to work yesterday. It’s funny how many hugs and well-wishes you receive after you’ve been out sick for three weeks. My only problem was my leg stiffening up over the last two hours of work, but that should only be temporary as I’ve been mollycoddling my leg up until now.

Oh, and in the morning before going to work I met with a nutritionist to go over how I should modify my diet to deal with type two diabetes and lose some weight. It’s a pain, but hopefully if I work at it I can stave off insulin injections and whatnot.

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