Back from the Dead!

Wow, my last post was in June when Megan and Josh moved in. It has been an interesting up and down road, but I think most of the bumps have settled down for now and it’s just a process of getting through to the May wedding.

This past weekend several of us went camping in Hot Springs, NC. As usual, it was beautiful and we had a great time. Our friend Eric, a chef, came along and prepared steaks, omelets, roast chicken, and other foods way above par for a campout. Saturday night it was incredibly cold and I had to get out of our tent, rekindle the fire, and hang out there for an hour to warm up.

I’ve been playing a lot of Rock Band when I can these days…it’s become my current obsession, and I’m thinking of starting a small business to host RB nights in bars and at other events. I hosted a RB party at my house two months ago, at a local philosophy club, and at our friends Cory and Lauren’s wedding reception. This saturday I’m setting up RB for Warren and Laura’s Halloween party. Should be a good time.

Life is mostly good. I’m constantly worried about not having enough money to pay our bills and my life has become more complicated than I generally like, but it’s not bad.

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