A New Computer!

In my last entry I mentioned that I was pricing computer components to build a new system.

Years ago I worked at three locations as a computer builder/technician, so this is nothing new for me, although I haven’t cracked a box in five years. For that time I’ve only had my laptop, which has been a faithful companion but is now starting to die of leprosy bit by bit.

I found a thread on FatWallet that priced out a decent system for less than $400 so I went with those recommendations other than a change of case.

Here’s what I ended up with: (all from Newegg.com)

Item Number: Item Description: Quantity: Price:
N82E16811156098 CASE RAIDMAX|ATX-612WEBP BK 500W RT 1 94.99
N82E16820145184 MEM 2Gx2|CORS TWIN2X4096-6400C5 R 1 44.99
N82E16822136319 HD 640G|WD WD6401AALS % 1 74.99
N82E16819103244 CPU AMD|PH X4 9600 2.3GHz 65N R 1 94.99
N82E16813128379 MB GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H AM2+ RTL 1 79.99
N82E16827151173 DVD BURN SAMSUNG|SH-S223Q LS % 1 25.99

So, a 2.3ghz AMD Phenom Quad Core processor, 4gb of RAM, a 640gb 7200 SATA HD with a 12mb cache, and a nicely upgradeable motherboard and case, all for a little less than $400 after combo discounts (the discounts aren’t reflected in the above prices). Also, I’m getting $50 in miscellaneous rebates, so it’ll be $350 once all is said and done. You’ll notice I didn’t put a video card on there as the motherboard has decent onboard video, but I’m sure I’ll stick a video card in there in a few months, probably with another HD.

I’m currently using an old 17″ crt monitor. You can routinely find a 22″ LCD for $150 these days so I’ll upgrade in a month or two. I also have a nice wireless desktop I picked up last year, so my keyboard/mouse needs are covered.

As far as an Operating system, I’m thinking of doing a Windows XP and Ubuntu dual-boot. We’ll see how that goes.

The only thing I’m really lacking is a set of speakers. I’ll probably buy something basic either in person or on Amazon.

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